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A trip to Bali is never complete without getting a relaxing, full body massage – or two!

The famous Island of (Massage) Gods is filled with luxury spas and massage parlours in every corner, but finding an affordable and satisfying massage can be tough. We all want to relax with a great massage, but these can be expensive, while the cheaper ones are often disappointing.

Spas are all about relaxation – who wants to stress out over which spa is worth going to? We know you don’t, so here’s our list of top 10 spas with awesome massages going at no more than Rp. 130,000 (that’s about USD $10)!

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

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Getting to Bali

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From SingaporeFrom Malaysia (tap here to view)From Australia (tap here to view)

Direct flight (total cost from SGD 175)

Take Tigerair, AirAsia,  Garuda Indonesia, SilkAir or Singapore Airlines from Singapore Changi Airport to Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali. (Flight time: ~2h 40 min)

Direct flight (total cost from RM 400)

Take Malindo Air, AirAsia or Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali. (Flight time: ~3h)

Direct flight from Perth (total cost from AUD 309)

Take AirAsia, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Garuda Indonesia or SilkAir from Perth to Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali). (Flight time: ~3h 40min)

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1. Peace out amongst rice fields – Beji Ayu Spa Ubud

Who doesn’t love a good two-in-one? At Beji Ayu Spa, you’ll get not just a great massage – but a great view as well!

Photo Via Dj_vally

This spa is strategically located in the sacred site of Beji, chosen for the spiritual power of its springs that help with healing. Unlike other spas on this list, Beji Ayu focuses on giving you a soothing experience by harnessing nature’s energy, chakra and spirituality.

Photo Via Abigailderiii

With a spa so beautiful though, we think it’s almost hard to not feel relaxed. Step through the doors, enter a world of Balinese sculptures and zen gardens, and get ready to be pampered like a goddess.

When your massage session ends, you’ll even be treated to a cup of tea along with yummy banana fritters – all these for a fraction of the price that luxury spas charge!

Photo Via Usu_a, Monika.moniquee

Note: The Balinese are very respectful towards the sacred site so do dress appropriately (anything that covers the knee is acceptable) if you’re planning on visiting!

Beji Ayu Spa

Rates:From Rp. 85,000 (Approximately USD $6) for a 1-hour Balinese Massage
Address: Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali
Opening hours: 9am – 9pm (Daily)
Contact: +62 361 970796


2. Bali’s hidden zen garden – Sicilia Spa

We all love bustling Bali, but sometimes you just want to get away from the noise and the heat. Well, why not escape into a zen world right in town?

Sicilia Spa has a small and calming garden with a mini waterfall, setting the stage for the ultimate peaceful experience. You wouldn’t imagine that a place so tiny in the middle of a busy street could be so calm and serene.

Your eyes and ears won’t be the only ones that get pampered here, since the spa provides guests with head-to-toe services fit for royalty. Everything from foot spas and facials to body massages are available, and guess what – the traditional massage is only priced at Rp. 100,000 (approximately USD $7), and you even get to choose your massage oil!

It may seem like a quiet world of its own, but the spa is located just a short walking distance from the Double Six Beach and popular restaurants. A hearty meal right after the best massage ever? Sounds like perfection to us!

Sicilia Spa

Rates:From Rp. 100,000 (Approximately USD $7) for a 1-hour Traditional Massage
Address: Jl. Arjuna Seminyak, Kuta
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Daily)
Contact: +62 361 736292


3. Royal treatment on a budget – @Ease Spa

This is actually one of our personal tried-and-tested favourites! This spa has little to no presence online – it doesn’t even have a website! But you know what they say, all the gems are hidden offline… until now that is.

Photo Via TripCanvas

Though difficult to find online, you’ll have no problem locating the actual spa with its huge signboard, which is located on the main stretch of Sunset Road.

Once you enter, you’ll be greeted by well-decorated interior and friendly receptionists, who will escort you to the treatment areas. No matter whether you choose a full body massage or a humble foot massage, get ready for an experience fit for royalty!

Photo Via Andrie-N
Photo Via Andrie-N

We say royalty, but don’t worry – you’ll won’t have to mortgage your house for a great time here, since a Traditional Balinese massage here is priced at only Rp. 85,000 for one hour (approximately USD $6.50) if you go before 2pm!

P.S. One of us is actually their regular customer!

@Ease Spa

Rates:From Rp. 85,000 (Approximately USD $6.50) for a 1-hour Traditional Balinese Massage before 2pm
Address:  Jl. Sunset Road 999, Simpang Siur, Kuta 80232, Indonesia
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily)
Contact: +62 819-9950-7999

4. Experience traditional and modern Bali at its finest – DeNyuh Spa

Who says you can’t massage in style? DeNyuh Spa combines traditional Balinese aesthetic with a touch of modern style, bringing you a gorgeous spa that’s Insta-worthy all round.

There are two outlets, one in Kuta and another in Seminyak, but they both boast the same gorgeous interior, so don’t get too caught up choosing the prettier spa!

Of course, we’re all about the massage in the end, and the treatments and prices do differ at the different locations, so watch out! A one-hour Revitalizing Massage, Shiatsu Massage and Aromatherapy Massage all go for Rp. 120,000 (approximately USD $8) at the Kuta outlet, while the Seminyak branch offers the Traditional Balinese Massage and Revitalizing Massage at Rp. 130,000 each (approximately USD $8.80).

The prices differences are pretty negligible, but one thing is not – whichever spa you end up going to, don’t forget to snap a picture before you leave!

Photo Via Mathilda.maudy_

DeNyuh Spa

Rates: From Rp. 120,000 (Approximately USD $8) for a 1-hour Traditional Balinese Massage
Address: Grandmas Plus Hotel Airport, Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai No.99 (Kuta)  Grandmas Hotel 5th Floor, Jl. Camplung Tanduk No:99, (Seminyak)
Opening hours: 9am – 10pm (Daily)
Contact: +62 361 370 0712 (Kuta), +62 361 300 0589 (Seminyak)


5. A little taste of Australia in Bali – Purrfect Spa Kuta

Who says that the “purrfect” spa doesn’t exist?

This quaint little spa in Kuta lives by the motto, “Bali Feel, Aussie Touch”. Sadly, that doesn’t mean your masseurs are kangaroos – but prepare to get pampered with the best spa products straight from the land Down Under!

Better yet, your wallet will get some pampering of its own, with the one-hour Traditional Balinese Massage going at a mere Rp. 75,000 (approximately USD $5).

More adventurous options like the Purrfect Massage and Swedish Massage are only Rp. 85,000 and Rp. 90,000 respectively (approximately USD $5.80 and $6), and  the spa also offers an Aloe Vera Massage to soothe sunburnt skin – after all, it isn’t Aussie if you don’t prepare for sunburn!

Purrfect Spa Kuta

Rates: From Rp. 75,000 (Approximately USD $5) for a 1-hour Traditional Balinese Massage
Address: Jl. Lebak Bene, Legian, Kuta, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Opening hours: 9am – 8:30pm (Daily)
Contact: +62 813-5767-3331


6. The spa haven for shopaholics – Kimberly Spa

A massage parlour in a mall, and a good one at that? Well, colour us surprised!

Kimberly Spa has a few outlets, located in Seminyak, Kuta and Kartika Plaza. They are all very spacious and professional, but our favourite one has to be the one in Kartika Plaza. Guys, you feel us – send your wives and kids on their shopping sprees while you pamper yourselves with magic hands. What’s not to love?

Photo Via Charlie_ineson_bell, Nhadavis1989
Photo Via Ozdreamer-O

Their 1-hour body massage is priced at Rp. 120,000 (approximately USD $8), and you can even try the warm stone massage or the Shiatsu massage at just a slightly higher price!

Photo Via Maxoupaupiette, K.ocali_

You won’t be disappointed by their body treatments, but we can’t say the same for their mani/pedi services. So ladies, our advice is to visit Kimberly for their body treatments, but if you’re looking for some nail action, it’ll be best to look somewhere else.

Kimberly Spa

Rates:From Rp. 120,000 (Approximately USD $8) for a 1-hour Traditional Balinese Massage
Address: Jalan Pantai Kuta 33, Badung, Bali
Opening hours: 9am – 11pm (Daily)
Contact: +62 851-0115-2015


7. Good things come in small packages – Bening Spa

Never judge a book by its cover, and never judge a spa by its size.

Bening Spa is really small, so small that you’ll have to keep an eye out for the sign… but this is definitely a place that comes with full-sized value. Not only is it a mere 2-minute walk away from Batu Belig Beach in Kuta, a top-notch Traditional Balinese Massage only costs Rp. 80,000 here (approximately USD $5.50)!

If you’re worrying that anything so cheap can’t be good enough, fret not. The massage areas are even separated by curtains, so you can have your privacy and still enjoy chatting with your partner or friends!

Photo Via Ben-Rachid

It’s nothing too fancy,  but the interior is clean, comfortable, and cleverly designed to promote calmness. Trust us – you don’t know the true meaning of “bang for your buck” until you’ve set foot in this little haven.

Bening Spa

Rates:From Rp. 80,000 (Approximately USD $5.50) for a 1-hour Traditional Balinese Massage
Address: Jalan Batu Belig No.100 X, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara
Opening hours: 9am – 9pm (Daily)
Contact: + 62 361 4732366


8. The best treatment at the lowest price – Lemon Tea Spa

When life gives you lemons, you bow down and give thanks. Because what could be a better present than a cheap and satisfying massage, especially after a long shopping spree?

Located just a short walking distance from Lippo Kuta Mall, Lemon Tea Spa offers a variety of awesome 1-hour massages, ranging from Rp. 80,000 to Rp. 350,000 for a slimming massage (approximately USD $5.50 to $23.60).

This is a place where Balinese hospitality truly shines through. All of their masseuses wear a green uniform with traditional batik embroidery for that authentic Bali experience, and you can even choose between male and female masseuses!

Photo Via Maria-M

Seriously, even your kids will love this place. The spa is spacious and fitted with comfortable chairs, so the little ones can get cosy while Mom and Dad relax, stress-free.

Lemon Tea Spa

Rates:From Rp. 80,000 (Approximately USD $5.50) for a 1-hour Traditional Balinese Massage
Address: Jalan Kartika Plaza No 90 X, Tuban, Kuta
Opening hours: 10am – 11pm (Daily)
Contact: +62 361 754679

9. Detox and rejuvenate while on vacation – Reborn Healthcare

You’re not a real health junkie if you miss out on Reborn Healthcare. But then again, it’s almost impossible to miss this place, with its prominent location on Sunset Road, bright green decor and huge signboard.

Photo Via Nyoman-Sambegana

Reborn Healthcare may be a Malaysia-based foot reflexology chain, but they’re just as good with body massages! You can get a 1-hour massage for Rp. 120,000 (approximately USD $8), and occasionally, they even offer 2-hour packages with a serving of healthy juice for Rp. 200,000 (approximately USD $13.50).

Photo Via Trisno_07, Lr-Utama

One hour here, and you’ll literally be “Reborn” into the healthiest version of yourself!

Have kids or family members that are not interested in massages? Reborn Healthcare has a healthy juice bar for your kids and family members, so they’ll be just as pampered as you are!

Reborn Healthcare

Rates:From  Rp. 120,000 (Approximately USD $8) for a 1-hour Traditional Balinese Massage
Address: Jl. Sunset Boulevard A.4, Simpang Dewa Ruci Kuta Bali, Kuta 80361, Indonesia (100m to the north of the Dewa Ruci statue’s roundabout)
Opening hours: 10am – 12am (Daily)
Contact: +62 361 766744


10. Soothing indulgence in the city centre – Bali Spring Spa

The next time you’re melting on a Kuta shopping street, just know that bliss is just a short walk away! Bali Spring Spa (not the Spring Spa opposite The W Hotel) offers spa indulgence just a short walking distance from Kuta’s main stretch.

While it may not be under a grand hotel, the concept doesn’t fall short of the luxury establishments that you see out there. Unlike the other spas, this particular spa combines a rustic feel with a traditional Balinese concept.

Lay back and relax in dim lighting, surrounded by dark furniture that immediately calms you down. The 1-hour Traditional Balinese Massage is priced at Rp. 125,000 (approximately USD $8.70), but if you’re feeling in the mood for more pampering, the spa also offers a number of facial treatments, including a Facial Acupressure that applies a special pressure-points massage technique!

Never has there been a spa more aptly named – this truly is a spring oasis for your muscles smack in the city centre!

Bali Spring Spa

Rates:From Rp. 125,000 (Approximately USD $8.70) for a 1-hour Traditional Balinese Massage
Address: Jl. Legian no. 14,  Br. Pering, Kuta
Opening hours: 9am – 11pm (Daily)
Contact: +62 851-0052-0803


Special mention 1: Like Droplets Rolling Off Your Back, Jari Menari

By far, one of the best options for therapeutic massages on the island consisting of an all-male (yes, another one!) masseuse team, Jari Menari provides customised top quality treatments at truly affordable rates.

jari menari massage

Famous for its four hand massage treatment, Jari Menari is located in the hub of Seminyak and is designed in accordance to the exquisite Japanese culture of flowing waters and soft melodious music.

jari menari exterior

The  Four Hand  Massage Harmony is a majestic and delightfully choreographed massage where two practitioners deliver a synchronized session that aims to alleviate all your stresses.

4 hand massage-inpainted

The best part? Experiencing the magic of twenty fingers working together on your body. If you’ve never tried it before, this massage honestly feels like droplets of water rolling off your back and shoulders – removing tension and aches in your muscles with every ‘droplet’.

Another interesting piece of information: Guests may enroll for a one day workshop where they can learn the art of ‘Dancing Fingers’, and bring this useful massage technique home!

jari menari class

Jari Menari

Address: Jalan Raya Basangkasa 47, Seminyak
Phone: +62 361 736740
Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm
Cost: The 60 minute Four Hand Massage Harmony costs $38.

Official Website 

Special mention 2: A Not-So-Simple Traditional Indonesian Massage, Bodyworks

An all time favorite, Bodyworks is a 15 year old establishment that guarantees excellent customer service. Apart from providing great value for your money, we also love the calm aqua blue décor that makes for a splendid place to slow down and take a well-deserved break.

bodyworks by thedenizen
Photo Via: The Denizen

Bodyworks offers Thai and Shiatsu massages, along with hair services and other body treatments including pedicures and manicures. If you want to experience the power of traditional Indonesian healing techniques, Bodyworks is the place to go.


Their all time famous Thai and Shiatsu massages involve a vigorous and energising finger pressure penetration of key points, aimed at dispersing excess energy.

This helps to stimulating the immune system and to top it all off, customers will also be reinvigorated with a gorgeous warm soak in a flower-filled bath. And if there’s anything we know, a one-time visit is sure to keep you hooked for more.



Address: Jalan Kayu Jati No 2, Petitenget, Bali
Phone: +62 (0)361 733317, 735058
Opening Hours: 9:00am to 10:00pm
Cost: A 90 minute body massage with flower-filled bath costs $28 including taxes.

Official Website 

Special mention 3: Feel Younger, Both Inside and Out, Glo Day Spa

Glo Day Spa’s great customer service and reasonably priced spa treatments have long attracted an extensive clientele of travelers and locals alike.

With its wide range of staple services and body treatments of all kinds, it’s hard to pick a particular massage to recommend – we suggest you start with the Glo Signature Massage first.


Using Safflower, Geranium and Orange essential oils for restoring skin moisture and elasticity while releasing tension and fatigue, you’ll definitely feel younger both inside and out.


Expecting mommies, if you’re looking for another babymoon option, Glo Day Spa also provides a great treatment for expecting mothers.

Mommy and unborn baby can enjoy a safe, effective and nurturing tailored massage as the masseuse work their magic with Glo Day Spa’s special nurture massage oil, a balancing facial and an oversized pregnancy pillow!

Oversized Pillow
Photo Via: Revasi

Glo Day Spa

Address: Kunti Plaza, Jalan Kunti 119, Seminyak
Phone: +62 361 738689, 282826
Cost: A 60 minute Glo Signature Massage costs $28

Official Website 

Thinking of heading to Bali? Now there’s another reason why you should book that flight to the island of the gods. We don’t recommend doing massages every day but you can afford to if you wish! Tag your spa buddies below and share this list with them!

Getting around

One of the drivers that we have had a good experience with is Pak Wayan (or Wayan Bogler), who charges a rate of Rp.500,000- 650,000 (approximately USD $40 – $50) per day depending on the type of vehicle. The charges include parking fees, drinking water and petrol.

You can email him at [email protected] or contact +62-81236733969.

Best Time to Travel to Bali

Bali has a reliable, warm and tropical climate all year round.

Temperatures generally linger between 26°C and 28°C, except for places located on higher grounds like Ubud and Bedugul (where it would be more chilly!).

The dry season is generally from May to September, and the wet season from October to April.

In May, June, September (non-peak period), you will find that prices of accommodation are 30% to 50% cheaper than peak season rates. Plus, you still get great dry season weather most of the time.

April and October are great if you enjoy watersports, such as surfing, as the waves are good at this time of year. You might have some refreshing rain showers, but you will also see plenty of sunshine. These are also great months to travel with children as most theme parks and attractions are quieter, and getting around would be less crowded and stressful.

Peak season in Bali is July and August, as well as Easter holidays, Christmas and New Year.

Note:Nyepi is the day of silence that falls on the Balinese New Year. All attractions will be closed, and everyone observes a day of fasting and silence. It’s an inspiring spectacle to be part of, but please respect the local rules and culture, and stay indoors while remaining quiet.

This post is made possible by Indonesia Tourism Board.

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