Written by Justin Nguyen
Co-written by Jiayi Ng and Abigail Chang
Edited by Jiayi Ng

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Bali is the place for magical sunsets. You know it, you’ve seen the jaw-dropping pictures of fiery balls of fire laid over cotton candy clouds.

But with all the overcrowded spots in peak touristy areas, it’s hard to find a cool, quiet place that still has the perks of a magnificent view.

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You may think that privacy equates to less than picturesque experiences, but not in Bali – here, you can have your cake and eat it too! Bali’s sunsets are more than just that, for these are beautiful views with amazing adventures to match them.

Whether you love culturally rich mountain ranges, daring jumps, mind-bending scuba diving, or simply walking to the beach from your villa, Bali offers the best sunsets with stellar vibes. Join us as we visit Bali’s most epic sunset spots – the best ways to end your day on a perfect note.

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If you’re a fan of picturesque places, just know that Bali’s sunsets aren’t the only beautiful sights that you can catch around here.

With a design-led concept that infuses local flavour into contemporary styles, every spot in Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach is prime material for your next Instagram hit.

Better yet, no one can say that this hotel sacrifices comfort for style – from cozy rooms to spacious suites and luxurious pool villas, rest assured that your stay here will be every bit as comfortable as it is beautiful.

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While you’re not out hunting for the best sunset spots, let the hotel pamper you with a series of state-of-the-art facilities, including an elegant spa, 24/7 health club, library, business lounge and a long list of gorgeous dining spots that offer everything from local flavours to organic bites.

Psst – you might not even have to leave the comfort of the hotel for some sunset goodness. Hang out at the hotel’s newly opened beach deck and enjoy a front seat view to Seminyak’s sunsets.

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Hotel Indigo’s SugarSand Beach Club also opens in the second quarter of 2018, ready to offer you the best sunset views… right at your doorstep!

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1. Trendy picnic with cocktails and beachfront infinity pool – The Lawn, Canggu

Looking for a beach bar at sunset? How about one that comes with an oceanfront infinity pool, right on the beach?

Isn’t it simply perfect to enjoy your cocktails in the pool with your friends and family while watching the sun drench the sky in golden-orange hues, and marvel at its stunning reflection in the sea?

Formerly known as Kenang Lima by The Sea, this cafe-bar, The Lawn, is located right on the edge of Batu Bolong Beach, next to Hotel Tugu.

Photo Via Lissakahayon

Here, you can also sit on picnic mats under large shady umbrellas on the lovely manicured grass and listen to the evening live bands while catching up with your loved ones. You can be sure to find trendy food trucks and coffee vans too!

Photo Via Kiaralouise19
Photo Via Anna.rakowska

If you prefer a less casual setting, head towards the restaurant, where you can enjoy a romantic beachfront sunset dinner.

This place can get hugely popular during evenings, so it’s best to arrive early and get a good spot to watch the sun go to sleep.

Photo Via Taylorjhaney

The Lawn, Canggu

Bintangs from Rp 50,000 – 55,000 (USD $3.70 – 4.05)
Mains from Rp 80,000 – 195,000 (USD $5.90 – 14.35)
Address: Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu, North Kuta, Bali
Contact: 0361 – 473 1701
Opening Hours: 11am – late


2. Cliff jump in the sunset – Jimbaran Panorama Point (Honeymoon Beach)

Jump into the sunset… literally!

About 250 metres before Tegal Wangi Beach, you park in a thicket and walk through some brush and a dirt path before coming out onto the coolest little cliff. This spot is perfect for a thrilling cliff jump, barbeque and sunset get together.

Photo Via Riza_khadiqi

Take your friends, some coconut coals and get down on the best secret spot ever! Private and low key, you and your friends can set up a grill, bring the meats and coconuts for a full-on cliff party.

With a clifftop that juts above the water at about 4 metres high, the most adventurous can take the plunge into the ocean below, and take an easy swim back to land.

Photo Via Bebiecolin

If you’re not up for such a huge adrenaline rush, simply sit back and relax as nature demonstrates its beauty in the form of a magnificent water blow.

Photo Via Swastika98_-,-menk_danger
Photo Via Misstikokdotkom-,-rousanfikri
Photo Via Angelineshuu

Jimbaran Panorama Point (Honeymoon Beach)

Address: Jimbaran, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia
Getting There: On the way to Tegal Wangi, pull off into the first thicket on your left. Hike through the bush for about 15 minutes until you come out onto the cliff! Coordinates here.

3. Romantic sunset on the hillside – Silent Hill, Bukit Asah, Karangasem

There is nothing more exciting than a picnic on the hillside of Bugbug Village, Karangasem. Due to its natural atmosphere coupled with a still and beautiful calm, foreign tourists have nicknamed Bukit Asah the “Silent Hill”.

Photo Via Alina_saypulaeva

At the top of this hill, you can set up a camp that overlooks the beautiful panorama of Bali’s sea, rocks, and small islands.

Photo Via Alimsyahri

As if this place couldn’t get any more perfect, Silent Hill is also the perfect romantic spot to enjoy sunrise and sunset views with your lover –  a quiet paradise that is just right for love.

Photo Via Christianleonard0

Bukit Asah, Karangasem

Price:Rp  2,000 (USD $0.15)
Address: Bugbug Village, Karangasem
Getting There: From Ngurah Rai Airport or the Kuta Beach area, it only takes 2 hours to get here by car. From popular attractions in Karangasem, Candidasa Beach and Bukit Asah, it takes approximately 30 minutes. Simply follow signpost directions toward Bukit Asah once you arrive at the village of Bugbug.

4. Ahoy mateys, to the sunset we go – Sunset Cruise, Black Pearl at Jimbaran Bay

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a pirate on the ocean?

Now you can follow your dreams with the Sunset Cruise package on the Black Pearl. But, while it has the same name as Captain Jack Sparrow’s beloved ship, don’t imagine a magnificent pirate ship like in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie!

Photo Via Imron-Ramadhan

Black Pearl is a traditional Balinese boat with a capacity for eight people. Equipped with a hammock for ultimate relaxation on the water, Black Pearl is ready to take you along the charming west coast of Bukit Peninsula to hunt for the best sunset spot in Uluwatu.

Photo Via Black-Pearl
Photo Via Nurkinanti
Photo Via Black-Pearl

If you dare, hop into the open sea for a swim while you crack open a cold one with the boys. Just prepare a waterproof camera beforehand so that the pictures survive!

Photo Via Black-Pearl

But if you don’t love the sea as much as the skies, head out to the beach and pay attention to the heavens.

As this place is near the airport, you will be able to capture that perfect photo with a plane flying into the orange skyline.

kelan beach
Photo Via Bandem Suandi via Flickr

Black Pearl at Jimbaran Bay

Price:Rp 1,000.000 (USD $73.60) per boat (maximum capacity 8 people)
Location of Black Pearl: Priority Surf School, Kelan Beach, Jimbaran Bay (between the fish market and Ngurah Rai Airport)
Phone: 0813 3721 5879
Time: 4pm – 7:30pm


5. A sunset date with Mount Agung –  Warung Sunset Point Amed

Note: Due to the recent Mount Agung eruption, it is not advisable to travel here until the danger period is over. Just keep this gorgeous spot on your list when you next travel to Bali!

An oasis for those seeking quiet beaches and a local Balinese experience, Amed stands above the rest. A coastal road will take you far into the eastern region of  Karangasem, where the small, one-road town has so much to offer.

Photo Via _Adityawarandika
Photo Via Alexyaneck

If you’re wondering why the east coast of Bali would appear on an article introducing sunset spots, well, let us just say that Bali is full of surprises.

Photo Via K_santii

Right at the tip of the hill, a flat dirt patch has a sign that reads “parkir” and leads you to Warung Sunset Point. Grab a beer from the peddler’s cooler and take a seat! Despite being on the east coast, Sunset Point’s unique location gives rise to the view of the sun slowly falling behind Mount Agung, right before your very eyes!

Photo Via Lady___lee

Warung Sunset Point Amed

Price:Drinks and dessert from Rp 25,000 (USD $1.85)
Address: Jl. Amed, Bunutan, Abang, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali 80852, Indonesia
Getting There: Take the main (only) road in Amed to the coordinates here.
Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm
Contact: +62 363 34301569

6. Never-ending sunset views – Pura Lempuyang Luhur, Karangasem

If you’re looking to be blown away, here is where you can see the most panoramic sunsets with the biggest wow factor in Bali.

To get to the highest peak of Mount Lempuyang, you have to climb thousands of steps through the forest and through six small temples, with a travel time of about two hours.

The journey may sound daunting, but it’s definitely worth it. Upon arriving at the summit, you will feel like you are standing on a cloud! If the weather is sunny, the mountains, the city of Amlapura, Amed Beach and the magnificent Mount Agung are all clearly visible. This beauty is hard to describe with words (we’re not even going to try, just look).

Photo Via Travis-Burke-Photography

Once the evening falls, the panoramic sunset, Mount Agung, and the clouds all glow golden like a beautiful artwork framed by the gate of Candi Bentar. And this is one painting you won’t find elsewhere.

Photo Via Guymorita
Photo Via Meghansikes

Pura Lempuyang Luhur, Karangasem

Address: Tista Village, Abang District, Karangasem, Bali
Getting There: From Denpasar, this temple can be reached by travelling through the tourist area of Candidasa and Amlapura City, with a travel time of about 2 hours by car. Another alternative route is through the Karangasem Strait Sub-district and Semarapura City, after which you take the road to Besakih. Coordinates here.

7. Sunset in the heavens – Munduk Moding Plantation

No more gazing in awe at the sun from the ground.

Now, you can look Mister Sun right in the face from your perch among the clouds at Munduk Moding Plantation’s beautiful infinity pool! And, you can be a part of this magical painting yourself.

Photo Via Mdbakta_kardana_

From here, the sun is a tiny golden ball no longer. If you stretch out your hand juuuust a little bit more, you might even be able to touch it (come on, you know you’re going to try).

Photo Via Mdbakta_kardana
Photo Via Potrt.id_
Photo Via Aris_19_

Munduk Moding Plantation

Price:From USD $250
Address: Jalan Raya Asah Gobleg, Gobleg, Banjar, Gobleg, Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152, Indonesia
Contact: +62 (0) 81 138 5059 / +62 (0)81 138 10 123 / +62 (0)88 736 03 021

Check Rate on Agoda

8. Join a hip sunset party by the beach – La Brisa Bali

You want to chill out at a beachfront hangout with a drink in hand as you watch the sunset, but you’re tired of going to the same places again and again? So what’s next?

Photo Via Lotus_surf_camp_bali

La Brisa Bali is here to add a dose of spiciness to Bali’s beach club scene. Newly-opened in 2017, this establishment promises the ultimate relaxing experience with its laidback island-themed decor.

Photo Via Emelinaah

Not only will you get front row seats to the best sunset views ever, but this glorious beauty will be backed with a hip soundtrack spun by the club’s resident DJ! This is what dreams are made of.

Photo Via Monikalaurensia
Photo Via Ria_pane01
Photo Via Prayitnoantonius,Lettiebarrett,Rock_n_roll_sommelier

La Brisa Bali

Price:Rp 40,000 – 310,000 (USD $3 – 23)
Address: Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan, Gang La Brisa, Echo Beach, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 811-3946-666
Opening hours: 12pm – 12am daily


9. Surf your way to an epic sunset – Echo Beach

If you love to surf, have a beer and watch the sun go down, Echo Beach is the perfect spot for you and your crew!

Photo Via Rolandgriesser

Secluded and much less touristy than Kuta or Double Six Beach, Echo Beach is a haven for all things surf (and all things sand)!

Photo Via Meandmiller

Take your board and ride the waves, cool down with a Bintang and grab a beanbag on the rocks to watch the most epic sunset.

Photo Via Jacquiabell
Photo Via Kefir1procent

Afterwards, cruise up the road and grab some Roti Canai, a tasty local-style curry with paratha bread. But don’t worry, this party doesn’t end even after the sun has gone down – you can even head to a low-key bar nearby, Old Man’s, for a laidback night of chill music and great company.

Photo Via Agnestarot

Echo Beach

Price:Sunset beers at Rp 30,000 – 35,000 (USD $2.20 – 2.60) per beer
Address: Jl. Pura Batu Mejan, Canggu, Indonesia
Getting There: Follow the map to the coordinates here.

10. Quiet sunsets over the lake – Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, Bedugul

Far away from everything you know about Bali, hidden away from the big city and hot beaches, is Bedugul, a mountainous area surrounded by Balinese farming villages.

It’s a scenic paradise that will blow your mind – half of you will be shocked to see what authentic rural Bali is like, and the other half will want to run away and hide here forever!

Photo Via Balitourexplore

You can find Danau Beratan, one of the few lakes in Bali, here, set at the feet of massive mountains. Treat yourself to a serene day of fishing on the lake, or jump on a boat to get closer to the beauty of nature.

However, don’t forget that the main attraction is Pura Ulun Danu Beratan (which means ‘The Temple on Lake Beratan’ in Balinese), which is located just off the lake. Other than being the cultural and geographical heart of Bali, Bedugul is also situated at a high elevation where you can watch the sun go down over the lake, which means unbelievable sunset views!

Photo Via Olkynpradonnick

Definitely time your visit to the temple just right, because the gorgeous sight as the sun vanishes over the temple at about 6:30pm might just convince you to stay forever!

Photo Via Mdbakta_kardana

Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, Bedugul

Price:Rp 50,000 (USD $3.70) per adult | Rp 25,000 (USD $1.85) per child
Address: Danau Beratan, Baturiti, Tabanan Regency, Bali, Indonesia
Getting There: You can find the temple just outside the town of Bedugul. From Ubud, it takes a 90-minute drive to get there, and you will need more than three hours if you are driving from Kuta, Seminyak or Legian. Coordinates here.
Contact: +62 368 2033143
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm

11. An explosive sunset view all to yourself – Pemuteran Bay

Tired of feeling like you’re in a sardine can all the time? Leave the hustle and bustle of Kuta to a small village called Pemuteran, where peace is the name of the game.

Experienced scuba divers and snorkelers may know this place as the departure point for Menjangan Island, one of the best kept secrets of Bali. Others may know Pemuteran for its exquisite bay and proximity to West Bali National Park.

Photo Via Tyleringramphoto-,-michaelsjukrie_

For true seclusion and a quiet time to yourself, Pemuteran Bay is the real deal. The sun sets behind the great volcanoes of Java, making Pemuteran’s evenings a truly explosive sight.

Photo Via Mikegaia
Photo Via Handhik

The breathtaking scene and isolation is perfect for a silent getaway allowing for a total disconnect from the world outside. During a sunset in Pemuteran, it’s just you, your thoughts and nature’s supreme beauty.

Photo Via Gusmangmink-,-ateliersduvoyage
Photo Via Prayoga_north_bali

Pemuteran Bay

Address: Dusun Pemuteran, Gerokgak, Buleleng, North Bali
Getting There: Go north on Jalan Raya Denpasar, all the way to the very end and take a left – drive until you reach the signs that say “Pemuteran”. Coordinates here.

12. Relax to a crystal clear sunset – Dreamland Beach

Brace yourself – the traditional beach sunset just got a huge upgrade. Get away from the traffic and overstimulation, and treat yourself to the most luxurious experience.

Not yet overcrowded, Dreamland Beach boasts of the clearest sunset views – where you can clearly see the sun as it sinks down over the water.

Photo Via Rasyid14
Photo Via Lcblakemore

Rent a bike, grab a helmet and go! Spend the day on the beach – play in the water, splurge at the local bazaar… you might even be privy to a cock fight!

Photo Via Wedfamily-,-bonobo65
Photo Via Nyomanfrombali

Dreamland Beach

Price:From Rp 15,000 (USD $1.10) per car
Address: Jalan Raya Pecatu Bukit Jimbaran Bali, Bukit Peninsula, Kuta 80363, Indonesia
Getting There: Follow the map to the coordinates here.

13. Sunset over the rooftop infinity pool – Artotel Sanur

When adventurers think sundown, Sanur is often not on the radar.

While this area is home to lovely beach bars where you can enjoy a drink at sunset, you won’t be finding Mr Sun, who lives on the eastern side of the island.

Well, that used to be the case, but not anymore! Artotel Sanur has completely changed up the (non-existent) sunset game in Sanur by opening a rooftop bar. Here, you can get cocktails, a yummy dinner and a pretty sunset view, made complete with a pool for a comforting soak against the orange sky.

Photo Via Yaeljoanne
Photo Via Sarraaaa
Photo Via Jaco.de_.kock-,-lillesnillebodille

If you’re a family, couple or group who want the view but not the crazy traffic and crowds that usually come with it, this one’s for you.

Artotel Sanur

Price:From Rp 35,000 (USD $2.60)
Address: Jalan Kusuma Sari No.1, Sanur, Denpasar Selatan, Sanur, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 4721000
Opening Hours: 11am – 7pm


14. A feast for the eyes and palate – The Sayan House Ubud

Name yourself Raja (king) as you are treated to one of the most exquisite culinary adventures Bali has to offer.

Imagine the wonderful taste of Spanish food and all the best parts of Japanese cuisine. Feisty and bold meets rich and raw – that’s the unique taste that The Sayan House’s Spanish and Japanese fusion dishes have to offer!

Photo Via V4leriam-2

And the good food certainly isn’t the only thing that will be rocking your world. The Sayan House boasts a key feature, their prized Sunset Bar – an exclusive, fine dining and cocktail lounge in the rain forest of Ubud.

Photo Via V4leriam

Take some friends, dress up a little and hit the Sunset Bar, a unique space where you can have it all as you watch the sun go down – exquisite food, outstanding cocktails, a majestic sundown and the company of your best friends, all at the top of a hill in a Bali Jungle!

Photo Via The_sayan_house
Photo Via Svenskagram

The Sayan House Ubud

Bintangs at Rp 38,000 (USD $2.80)
Tapas from Rp 35,000 – 60,000 (USD $2.60 – 4.45)
Address: Jl. Raya Sayan No.70, Sayan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 479 25 92
Opening hours: Sunset Bar opens from 4pm – 10pm


15. Spend the sunset on the edge of a towering cliff – Melasti Beach, Ungasan

One of the most charming white sand beaches on the southern coast of the Island of the Gods, Melasti Beach Ungasan is usually frequented by couples taking their pre-wedding photoshoot, who want to capture the beautiful formation of rock and limestone walls that surround the winding roads here.

These cliffs go up to as high as 100 to 150 metres!

Photo Via Anggasetiawan

The impressive height of the cliffs makes this place a contender for the position of the best sunset spot in Bali. Every evening, be prepared to be lulled by the beautiful sunset views from the majestic cliff tops and even from the sandy shores.

Photo Via Auliasandjaja
Photo Via Diarysaputra
Photo Via Okas_21

There’s even small caves where you can take unique photos in!

Note: this Melasti Beach is located in the Ungasan area, and it’s not the beach with the same name near Tanah Lot!

Melasti Beach, Ungasan

Address: Gang VIII No.8, Denpasar Utara, Ungasan, Denpasar, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80234, Indonesia
Getting There: You can get here by motorbike or car. Look for Jalan Melasti, then go straight up until you see Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort. The cliffs are further up from the resort. Coordinates here.

16. A healthy sunset amidst paddy fields – Bali Green Life, Kerobokan

Looking at the beautiful Balinese sunset while relaxing by the beach is a typical activity, and as wannabe hipsters we always strive to be more than basic. So why not enjoy the sunset in a different way (while working on your fitness)?

Photo Via Baligreenlife

The epitome of holistic, Bali Green Life resembles a bamboo barn that lies amid a stretch of green rice fields. It also comes along with a restaurant that offers a variety of vegetarian dishes and raw food!

Here, you can perform various healthy activities, such as martial arts and yoga, in a semi-open dojo located just beside the main building. Some yoga classes are even held in the afternoon, with a lovely sunset serving as the background.

Photo Via Bali-Green-Life

If you don’t love yoga, you can still enjoy the beautiful Bali sundown while tasting falafel and a glass of fresh juice. Ready to balance your chi?

Photo Via Pandusuprapto-baligreenlife

Bali Green Life, Kerobokan

Price:Yoga classes start from Rp 60,000 (USD $4.45) per visit
Address: Jl Raya Kedampang, Pengubengan Kauh, Kerobokan, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 813-1430-7520
Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm


17. Ride into the sunset (literally) – Sunset ATV Tour, Yeh Yanga Beach

Hey, who told you that fairytale endings aren’t real? Because they’re dead wrong!

Why squeeze with tons of tourists trying to catch a glimpse of the sunset when you can zoom across a wide, open beach against the glow of the setting sun?

Bali Island ATV’s Sunset ATV Tour is a comprehensive package tour that brings you across scenic paddy fields, cliff tops and authentic local villages, ending with a literal ride into the sunset!

Photo Via Baliatv
Photo Via Jforjom
Photo Via Baliatv

Hurry and grab your loved one – who needs horses when you can be in a much cooler fairytale?

A post shared by baliislandatv (@baliatv) on

Sunset ATV Tour, Yeh Yanga Beach

1 hour: USD $55 (Single), USD $95 (Tandem)
2 hours: USD $85 (Single), USD $130 (Tandem)
Address: Jalan Pantai Yeh Gangga II, Pantai Yeh Gangga, Sudimara, Tabanan, Bali​​​
Contact: +62-851 0000 7228 / +62-361-8469616​​


18. Devotees’ prayers during sunset at Nusa Penida temple

Nestled within Nusa Penida is the village of Ped, where many Hindu Balinese travel to for pilgrimage.

The sea temple near Kuntampi Harbour is a unique landmark of Pura Delam Ped.

Full image credit: Wisnu Taranninggrat

A unique shrine had been constructed on a rock near the temple grounds along the ocean coastline, and many visit to pray for protection against illness, diseases and deaths – and this is actually quite a sight at sunset!

Full image credit: Wisnu Taranninggrat

You can snap that stunning photo for some good luck to bring home.

Or simply to add on to your collection of unique sunsets in your lifetime.

Full image credit: Wisnu Taranninggrat

Nusa Penida temple

Directions: You can get to Nusa Penida Island from Bali, Denpasar by first getting to Sanur beach. From Sanur beach, pay USD$33 for a 90 minute boat ride to reach to your destination.

19. Catch a minature waterfall at Melasti Beach (Tanah Lot)

Want more than just a regular sunset picture at the beach?

Along the sandy Melasti beach lie a hidden treasure – a waterfall.

Full image credit: ManButur Photography

Capture a shot from the shoreline of the sun setting as the water streams back into the ocean.

Now, your “once in a lifetime” picture is worthy to be used as your Facebook cover!

Full image credit: Pandu Adnyana

A 15-minute walk away from Tanah Lot, head over to the beach after visiting the Tanah Lot temple.

You’ll be safe from the crowd as Melasti Beach is one of Bali’s best kept secrets (until now).

Melasti Beach (Tanah Lot)

Directions: Melasti Beach is along Jl. Padma and is a 13 minutes car ride away from Bali’s airport.
Note: Melasti waterfall is seasonal. It disappears during the dry season. Thanks Riffa for the tip!

20. Sunset with a rainbow at La Plancha

Here’s one of Bali’s best unique cafes and rooftop bars, where you can enjoy a slight taste of Spain on Bali’s coastline, with a setup nothing short of the colourful Spanish culture.

Photo via madebuanaputra

Dig in to Spanish grilled treats – all fresh and delectable!

Photo via piras17

You can choose to sit within the restaurant’s main hut, on the upper deck, or even on the comfortable bean bags strewn across the beach – perfect for a quick nap before the sun sets!

Photo via allycee216

La Plancha

Location: Mesari Beach, Jalan Dhyana Pura, Seminyak
Tel: +62 878-6141-6310
Opening hours: 0700-0100


21. Marvel at the exotic sunset at Tanah Lot

If you love majestic sunsets against a historical backdrop, we’ve got the perfect one for you.

Photo via 

Make your way to the Tanah Lot temple, which sits on top of an offshore rock.

Its uncommon structure is a result of constant erosion by the ocean tide over the centuries.

The moment the sun begins its descent, beaming its orange light on the temple, the beauty of the scene will be in its full glory.

Photo via breslavtsev

Don’t forget to snap a memory of that picturesque sight!

The crowd tends to gather way before sunset, so do try to get to Tanah Lot early to avoid fighting it out with everyone for a pristine spot.

Photo via 

Tanah Lot

Directions: You can reach the temple in an hour by driving from Denpasar towards Tabanan and Negara, then taking a left turn in southwest direction at Kedirir’s stoplight down a side road that leads to Tanah Lot’s parking lot. Entrance to Tanah Lot temple is priced at RP 30,000 (USD $2).

22. Savour a romantic seafood dinner by the sunset at Jimbaran Bay – Made Bagus

If you are aroused by the thought of freshly caught seafood by the beach, Jimbaran Bay could be the best place to enjoy the show of nature’s colours.

Photo via 

Settle down at Made Bagus (one of our favourite restaurants) and enjoy the sea breeze with a pre-dinner drink.

As the sun disappears into the horizon, your tables will be lighted up with candles, and your dinner served.

Photo via 

Don’t forget to pick a seashell or two to remind you of the best sunset you’ve ever witnessed.

Directions: If you’re coming from Kuta, after a few hundred meters passing the airport, turn at the first u-turn you see. From there, turn left into Jalan Raya Uluwatu and then enter Jalan Taman Sari till you see the beach. Book a table online here!

23. Enjoy a cultural sunset atop Uluwatu Temple

Perched on a cliff 825 feet high facing the Indian Ocean, it is no wonder Uluwatu Temple is often heralded as one of the “must-sees” of Bali.

Photo via Suphakaln Wongcompune

The breathtaking view of the sunset is not the only catch. You can’t miss the Balinese performance – the Kecek dance – that also uses the view as a backdrop for the climax of a traditional tale.

Told through traditional Balinese ritual chantings, the story tells the tale of a princess who was stolen away by a demon, and the journey her prince and his brother took to rescue her.

As the sun sets, the monkey king sets fire to a castle, igniting a flame of orange that complements the colour of the sky.

While you are completely immersed in the captivating performance, here’s a little tip -you may want to keep your shiny items away as monkeys are attracted to them and may snatch them away from you.

Uluwatu Temple

Directions: Pura Uluwatu is located in Pecatu Village, Kuta sub-district, Bandung regency about 25km south of Kuta and it usually takes an hour’s journey. A hired driver or post-pickup is recommended as public transport is unavailable.

The perfect time to arrive at Uluwatu Temple would be at 4pm to give you ample time to get a good seat and a ticket for the Kecek Dance at RP 100,000 (USD $8.10).

The performance is held at Uluwatu Temple, with an entrance fee of RP 20,000 (USD $1.60). Sarongs will be provided for entry to the temple.

24. A magical gypsy sunset – La Laguna

Caravan ornaments and colourful bohemian cushions carry the exotic vibes of a gypsy village throughout La Laguna, a gypsy-themed cafe in Canggu. Here, sunsets are every bit as magical as the gorgeous decor around you.

Photo Via Ruslandxb
Photo Via La-Laguna

Just before sunset, the bridge between La Laguna and Kayu Putih Beach is the favourite spot of every Instagrammer. But, the real magic begins once the sky begins to turn from blue to orange-gold.

Photo Via Imron-Ramadhan

As the sun goes down, the wooden bridge and rustic surroundings come alive with beauty as vines light up with sparkling lights, just like dancing fireflies.

Photo Via La-Laguna

La Laguna

Bintangs at Rp 35,000 (USD $2.60)
Tapas from Rp 40,000 – 60,000 (USD $2.95 – 4.45)
Mains from Rp 120,000 – 270,000 (USD $8.85 – 19.90)
Address: Jalan Pantai Kayu Putih, Berawa, Canggu, Bali
Contact: +62 812-3638-2272
Opening Hours: 9am – 12am


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