Bali International Choir Festival

Image from junior.karangturi.sch.id Bali International Choir Festival The Bali International Choir Celebration combines the finest of choir efficiencies on the island performances and workshops for choir lovers.The goal of the festival is to permit singers and conductors gain experience, to construct their abilities and knowledge in workshops, official wedding rehearsal areas and show settings.Bali International Choir Celebration Date 2019 Registration & Program The festival began in 2000 was started by Tommyanto Kandisaputra. His vision for the & festival was to develop a vibrant music scene for choirs in Bali. In doing so, Tommyanto has created a selection of celebrations, workshops and shows, all focused on bringing on board various choirs from all over the world.By developing a platform where musicians can get direct exposure, the Bali International Choir Festival is a must-attend event for enthusiasts of music and choral performances. Those visiting Bali at the time of the celebration will have the ability to take pleasure in the various choirs that perform. These performances include kids’s choirs, youth choirs and even performances by choirs made up completely of senior citizens.There are also a number of workshops held throughout this event a well as practice sessions, clinics and competitors. You will find experts from all over the world consisting of Indonesia, USA, France, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, simply to call a few.Visitors who want to become part of the festival requirement to register online at the festival’s site well beforehand. Otherwise, you are welcome to come and view some of the concerts which will be held throughout the festival.

Bali International Choir Celebration Images & Photos Bali International Choir Festival Info Schedule 23 July 2019 to 27 July 2019 Address The precise venue will be revealed later on, but it’s been mentioned that it will be held someplace in Denpasar Denpasar, Bali