I have actually been pertaining to Bali for 40 years and because time seen heroes and villains, business owners and hustlers, artists and craftsmens, chefs and surfers, designers and dancers, all concerning Bali from all over the world and all over Indonesia to “find their fortune” to evaluate their luck and frequently simply to take pleasure in the lifestyle.Some have actually made it

, some have not. Some have included immeasurably to Bali, others just contributed to their own savings account. My individual test of who we admire is simple: is that individual here to assist Bali or just help themselves? Regretfully most are here to assist themselves and make cash without thinking of the consequences.Now I do not mind if someone has a successful company, in any field, hotels, style, dining establishments, or anything, as long as they employ people fairly, pay them well, enhance their abilities with training and offer them opportunities. And naturally, pay their taxes! What I truly mind is people who change the lifestyle of the Balinese people with inadequately believed out and negligent “development”, who dig up the fields, block the views and contaminate the air, water, and noise. I do mind if they reside in Bali for more than a year and don’t speak the language, and don’t comprehend the culture. They are not heroes, and honestly need to not be here.But in amongst

all the turmoil and posturing there are some who actually take care of the island and do a lot of great. We celebrate them in our August 2018 issue of NOW! Bali. We applaud them for their work, frequently undetected and unappreciated, and encourage them to keep going.Thank you for

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