Travelling is always a costly thing to do, but we always want to do it, it is always a real adventure and a great experience to visit another country. We will save up our hard earned money for months and months, even years, so that we can visit another country to create incredible memories and take incredible photos. But if there is any way to save money, we will take it always. So the question beckons – how to cut costs while travelling?

There are many ways to save money, some of us travel and stay in the wrong places, eat at the wrong places, choose the wrong deals which makes us spend way more than we should have. So it is always really important to do research on the destination we are going to, we should know where to stay, what and where to eat, where to shop and where to explore, etc.

Opt For An Apartment Instead Of A Hotel

One of the best tips on how to cut costs while travelling is to opt for an apartment instead of a hotel. One of the main points of this is because you can eat in instead of relying on restaurants. This tip may not help those who don’t like cooking, but for those who do, this is definitely the tip for you. To help your hunt for apartments, look for keywords such as “well-stocked kitchens”, this will let you know that they have knives that are decent, pots and pans, cooking oils, and seasonings.


Camping is an amazing thing but as much as I enjoy it, I have come to a realization that not everyone share the same love I have for camping. One thing I can surely share about it is that, it is really an inexpensive way to go. Everything about camping is cheap, the food, the shelter, the environment, etc. But if you want a little more luxury, you can consider a KOA Deluxe Cabin.

Eat Lunch Instead Of Dinner In Restaurants

Have you ever noticed that lunch in restaurants are actually cheaper than dinner in restaurants? Though the portions are not as large, but often, the same menus are included in both lunch and dinner, but it is lower-priced for lunch. So whenever you are thinking of going to a restaurant, do it for lunch instead of for dinner, cook for your dinner and you will know exactly how to cut costs while travelling.


Picnics are similar to camping, most of the food you have there are self prepared, so they will be cheap for sure. Even so, all you need is family or friends, and a nice environment or place, and the comfortable mat to sit on and then you are ready to feast. You will not only save a lot of money, but you get to enjoy the great outdoors, in addition to that, you can use your saved money for other things.

Continental Breakfast

How to cut costs while travelling? Well, many hotels these days provide continental breakfasts, these are free breakfast that is part of the hotel deals. Take advantage of it, it is free, eat a big breakfast, take some for lunch, and perhaps even dinner, or if you don’t want to take that much then just take some for snacks. Either way, take more than what you eat from breakfast so you can eat it for later instead spending more money in a restaurant.

Local Foods

Local foods are something you should consider going to the restaurants, you can find all these foods from food stands. They are usually sold at a cheap price and they are delicious. Restaurant meals are catered to the mass, for everything to enjoy. Food stalls found locally serve local food, they are not altered for the taste of the mass. So next time when you’re going to a new country, try the local foods instead of the restaurants.

Look For Deals

Another way of how to cut costs while travelling? There are many deals nowadays, deals for travelling, deals at a restaurants, etc. Though they might be hard to find but they really help you save a whole lot of money whenever you are travelling. They can be special kids meals in restaurants, or early bird specials for eating, or even travelling deals, if you travel with another person, you pay the price of one, etc.

Research On Restaurants

Whenever you arrive to your destination, you will always come across many restaurants, all saying that they offer the best foods in the location. But what is really important is the reviews. Check the newspapers, blogs, trip advisors, etc. There you can find reviews of expert tourists who know where are the best places to eat, yet the most affordable.

Ask A Local

How to cut costs while travelling? Ask a local! If you have a local friend in the country you’re visiting, ask for their help, advice you on the best places to go to, they will surely help you. But if you don’t, try asking a local, they are more experienced in the area since they live there, they will surely know where you can find the good stuff and where to avoid the rip-offs. So don’t be too bashful, ask a local.

Look For A Food Truck

If you are looking for a place to eat that offers a really casual atmosphere, go look for a food truck. They offer food at an affordable price and they are quite delicious too. You can also eat those foods on the spot or take them to go, at where you are staying or even for your picnic, if you are having one. Be creative with your food source, you never know how much you can save.


There you have it – you know now exactly how to cut costs while travelling. Travelling is an absolute adventure, you get to learn new cultures, see new people, see beautiful architecture and scenery. The main important thing is to have fun, and that is done by planning early, so you don’t get yourself in an unpleasant situation. Whenever you are deciding to travel, be sure to get travel insurance. Allianz Travel Care is offering travel insurance from the price of RM 16/trip, visit PolicyStreet.com for more info.

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