Kid’s energy streams like a river in the rainy season. Looking like they seldom get tired. They run, they leap, they climb and so on. They are natural climber. They climb up the furnishings in your home, trees, fence and so on. Understanding the risk of falling, parents sometimes go nuts enjoying their kids climb. If this held true, take them to a climbing health club to transport their natural climbing up skills.Eiger Flagship Store on Sunset Road is more than just an outdoor devices shop. The shop has a climbing gym, which consist of an outside climbing up wall at the front and the bouldering facility on the 2nd floor. The bouldering location is open everyday with the very same hours as the store, and fitness instructors are available Monday to Friday at routine working hours. The facility offers climbing shoes and chalk bag, however for the shoes, they only have actually limited sizes for kids.Bouldering is a type of rock climbing. All we require is climbing shoes and magnesium chalk to keep hands dry. Because the activity doesn’t utilize ropes, bouldering is not about going high up. The bouldering at Eiger climbing up gym is about 3 meters in height. What if they fall? Don’t fret, they will fall on to the crash pad, which is soft bouncy bed mattress set up on the floor.Before your kids begin to climb up, they need to listen to the security guidelines and warm up. Parental guidance is required at all times the kids are climbing up. Constantly search for in the climbing area. By remaining around and supervising your kids, they can feel your attention and feel supported. Some kids, especially the kids or the newbie climbers, might only get a couple of moves throughout the wall prior to they drop to the pads. But that is absolutely ok. We don’t anticipate them to climb up to the top– hopefully they will learn to keep trying.Bouldering is good training for growing muscles as it increase strength, flexibility and endurance. Through this activity they can have a good time and at the same time hone their intuition in issue solving. Climbing throughout numerous paths trains hand, feet and eye coordination. Not only that, bouldering builds self-confidence and self esteem as they have the ability to see things through many angles and total different challenges.Eiger Adventure Shop Jalan Sundown Roadway No. 104, Kuta +62 361 934 6026 The post Little Climbers: Rock Climbing in Bali appeared first on NOW! Bali.