I can lastly make a list about Balinese regional food that I like! This time, I’m focusing on chicken and pork combined rice. Are you curious on to why I selected those 2? Because it’s the most looked for out cooking whenever individuals from Jakarta go to Bali! In my opinion though, the local favorites are still so underexposed because many people just come to the well known tourist areas, which are ok, but trust me, there are other good places !!! SOOO, here’s my list of suggestions! It may be insufficient however this is what I know for now. and I’m putting the list in order from my PERSONAL VIEWPOINT of favorites. Discretion is recommended so I ain’t accepting problems given that we all have different taste! Anyhow, let’s start from CHICKEN RICE!
They’re famous for their Nasi Ayam Betutu. I consumed at their main branch which remains in Jl. Gandapura. The most popular branch is strangely the one in Jl. Nakula. Considering that they close at 3pm, you can’t have these for dinner. I ordered nasi ayam betutu 15k (the one listed below) and nasi campur bali 15k (the upper pic). Yepp, so inexpensive I can’t even! Rate doesn’t even compare to its DELICIOUS taste! The nasi campur used soy pork, and the pork crackers are not consisted of in the 15k cost. The kind of this rice is the saucy, damp one. My kind!Honestly, I suggest you to get the nasi campur bali considering that you’ll also get their ayam betutu in it, simply with more range! But for those who do not consume pork, there’s the ayam betutu! 2. WARUNG NASI AYAM MEK JUWEL-UBUD Numerous individuals are saying you can’t park your vehicle here, but let
me inform you this, THEY HAVE PARKING LOT.
Simply follow the GPS up until you enter this little alley that has a laundry in front, then you’ll see some rice field and voila, there you’ll find a huge parking area near this health center (puskesmas) sign!People say it’s the best chicken rice in Ubud, and I agree that they’re excellent, however in my viewpoint just second to Liku! However well, Liku is not in Ubud so they’re right when they said it’s the finest in Ubud HAHAHA! Rate is IDR 25k per part, not including the crackers. It’s a double carbs sort of part since they also include mie goreng, and it’s the dry kind of chicken rice since they grill the chicken! 3. WARUNG NASI AYAM IBU OKI-NUSA DUA When I went here it was IDR 15k per portion, but I make certain cost has gone up in some way. It’s located near Dobiel so I used to always come here before/after. Location is proper and clean although not air conditioned. This is likewise rather popular for tourists. As a saucy type of chicken rice, they’re
well understood for its cheap and scrumptious taste! 4. WARUNG NASI BALI MEN WETI-SANUR Despite getting a lot of suggestion for this location, I was honestly a bit disappointed by the taste because it was too … normal? HOWEVER they have this BOMB chicken skin that is so EXCELLENT. Another dissatisfaction is that the owner madam does not enable you to purchase more than one portion
of chicken skin. Unusual -_-. They open from morning to

late at around 10pm, and it’s excellent to have one of these after your early morning jog along Sanur Beach for breakfast! 5. NASI AYAM KEDEWATAAN IBU MANGKU If Men Weti was currently so-so, this one is even listed below. It’s still alright however to be fair, I tried the one in Seminyak while people state the good one is the Ubud branch. However anyhow, I personally believe their taste does not have this consistency to one another. Like the majority of them don’t come from one another, but then again it might be just my individual taste though!
1. BABI GULING SARI DEWI( DOBIEL)-NUSA DUA Begh so till this September 2018 there is no competition to this place. I swear. Whatever here is so great beginning from their pork skewer/ skin/ roasted pork and even their stock/soup are all PERFECT. Gokil. It’s a must visit whenever you pertain to Bali! 2. PONDOK GENYOL BU AGUS SADING Alright I swear it confused me on which of their branch is the initial one. I went to the one at Jl. Sundown Roadway (08:00 am -12:00 am ). Call is the very same: Bu agus, but if you google it, they in fact have a great deal ofbranches, and when I uploaded it in IG, a DM concerned me from the

account of @cindyadinda_ informing me that pondok genyol bu agus’official branches are only at: Jl. Astasura no. 14B, Peguyangan Ayani(ex Warung Sukun )> > main branch (08:00 am-02:00 am)Jl. Werkudara, Br. Tampak Gangsul( 08:00 am-10:00 pm)Jl. Raya Puputan No. 68 Renon DPS nah loh, does it imply that

the one I consumed wasn’t one of the originals?
LOL! I swear that the one I tried was SO GOOD. What’s interesting about it was that the shape was kind of like roasted pork(babi guling), however Begenyol suggests their skin is not crispy roasted, more like chewy. Soup is as excellent as Dobiel’s which suggests AWESOME.They have this paket hemat 20k (upper right side of the pic), which is a smaller sized portion of the regular one however comes with iced tea. The left photo is called be genyol pisah, and the bottom right is be genyol campur. Mind that the ala carte will constantly >> be more costly than the nasi campur considering that they will provide you larger portion of meat!