Phanom Rung Thailand is one of the Khmer temples with the most amazing design. The Angkor Style construction took a long time to be finished as a Hindu Temple for Shiva; from 10thto 13th century. Located on the hilltop in Buriram Province, the official name of the temple is Prasat Hin Phanom Rung. It is on Muang Tum Khmer Complex’s base that was built about the same time. The temple is also named as Phanom Rung Stone Castle for the pink sandstone used for the main tower.

The building of the temple on a hilltop is a symbol of Mount Kailash; a holy Hinduism mount where Shiva lived. The temple stands on the old route of Angkor-Phimaiin the province of Nakhon Ratchasima. The Angkor itself was the Khmer Empire center.

Phanom Rung Temple Structures

When you reach the entrance of the temple, you need to walk along the way in about 160 meters to reach the temple. Along the walkway, you will see the beautiful views of the temple, the main tower as well as the stairs. On the right side of the walkway, there is a pavilion where the King commonly celebrates ceremonies.

When you reach the walkway’s end, you will see the first Naga Bridge and then a wide stairway that leads to the main tower. There is also another Naga Bridge that leads to the Gallery with Inner Sanctuary inside. The bridges are the symbols of the way to pass from the earth to the Gods’ world.

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Inner Sanctuary of Phanom Rung Temple

When you enter the inner sanctuary of Phanom Rung Temple, you will see the Shiva and Vishnu Gods carvings decorating the beams and pediments at the gates. The carving decorations also describe the Ramayana epic scenes.

You will see the main tower with pink sandstone as the main material. It measures more than 9 meters in width and 23 meters in height. It is made to represent the center of the universe in Hindu called Mount Meru. It also preserved the holyLinga; the symbol of Shiva power.

Around the main tower, there are two brick towers and a smaller tower. They are the most ancient Phanom Rung structures, made in the 10th and 11thcentury. Inside the inner sanctuary, there are also two libraries that also store the holy Hindu scriptures. Around the temple, there are also some ponds as the symbols of oceans that surround the Mount Meru.

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