Harper Happiness is best known for her successful lesbian romantic story books. All the Harper Happiness books composed are with the genre of lesbian erotica together with romance titles. The Harper Happiness composed works are likewise extremely remarkable and sometimes believed provoking too. She is also known to be the joint-founder of an independent type press called “Ladylit” which primarily concentrates on the lesbian fiction series. She used to live in Hong Kong for some years and now has settled with her better half and pet feline in Brussels.The top rated Harper Bliss books list is quite a long one and is features some of her successful novels. The following works are just some of those masterpieces: Water Under Bridges (Pink Bean Series)(Volume 5), No Strings Attached: The Pink Bean Series– Book 1(Volume 1), Whatever In Between United States (Pink Bean) (Volume 3), Beneath the Surface Area (The Pink Bean)( Volume 2 ), No Other Love (Pink Bean Series )( Volume 6), This Foreign Affair (Pink Bean Series) (Volume 4), At the Water’s Edge, Seasons of Love, The Road to You: A Lesbian Romance Novel etc.Given henceforth are the essential reviews of some of the finest Harper Happiness book series. Do not hesitate to scroll down even more and have an appearance:

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