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Vietnam hardcore band Knife Sticking Head call it stops. That’s a BUMMER … fantastic band.Over nearly 5 years Knife Sticking Head together with all our brothers to go along the roadway of Hardcore neighborhood in Saigon along with in Vietnam, Knife Sticking Head has received a lot of love from you, from the bottom of the our hearts, we are really happy for the feelings that you have provided to Knife Sticking Head, you constantly support us, constantly come and stir us in every show, always comprehend the spirits we would like to send to you through each song, it will be the most stunning memories of bros throughout the journey of Knife Sticking Head.And this will be an apology, due to the fact that Knife Sticking Head can not go with you on the Hardcore road any longer, it is a great remorse for us. At present the members in the band are busy with life, work and household, so we find it extremely challenging to arrange the time together to bring the Knife Sticking Head. on the same course again, that’s why we have to stop.We hope you will still like Hardcore, constantly assistance and sign up with hands to help the hardcore neighborhood grow. The band Knife Sticking Head said goodbye, however we, the people of Knife Sticking Head are still here, we will continue to support the scene. On November 4th we will be attending the Bloody Sunday show: Palm’s tour in Vietnam at Lush Saigon, this will be Knife Sticking Head’s last and also a goodbye show. With you people so we will play our best, Knife Sticking Head hope that day will see once again all the brothers enjoy Knife Sticking Head eliminate the stage once for all.THANK ALL SIBLINGS AND GOODBYE” Reviews Upcoming Releases Instagram … Recent Posts